Duration of Course: 3 years
Course Type: Regular
Course Details
In appreciation of its success in pioneering 'Mass Communication' as a professional course at the Under Graduate Level, the University Grants Commission(UGC) has sanctioned yet another professional degree course in the college with its core empahasis on Audio Production and Photography. However, the course aims at forming well-rounded and thorough-going media professonals with its allied courses in :
  • Print Journalism, Radio
  • TV Anchoring, Advertising
  • Film journalism, Information Technology
for Media and English for Communication.

Expertise in modern media technolgies is synonymous with job opportunites and in the communication world today: in newspapers, in TV and Radio stations, in publishing concerns, in the public relations and advertising departments of multinationals and governments. Besides finding ready employment even while prosecuting their studies, further profesional and academic opportunities limitless right across the country and abroad for these graduates.
Department: Mass Media