Coordinator: Dr. Herbert G Lyngdoh

The College has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell established since 2005. The role of IQAC has been found very important in the quality assurance and maintenance in our service of education. The college has set aside an office and has a fulltime coordinator for the same. The cell meets frequently to plan out and evaluate the progress of every activity. Given below are the various tasks that the cell monitors in the college:

  • Yearly planning of activities for each department and their subsequent evaluations with respect to set targets.
  • Monitoring of students’ attendance and follow up.
  • Organizing faculty development programmes and seminars with a view to better service.
  • IQAC has planned to conduct a one day workshop for the Lecturers in colleges around Shillong, to sensitize them about the issues concerning poor paper evaluation procedures.

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC are the following :


Bro. Albert L. Dkhar sdb Principal
Mr. David Nongrum Goverment Representative
Dr. S. R. Joshi (NEHU Representative) Member
Dr. A. Barua (IIT Guwahati) Member
Dr. Basav Roychoudhury (IIM Shillong) Member
Brig. W. Sturgeon Member
Fr. Joby Joseph sdb Vice Principal
Fr. George Pallamattam (Counselling) Vice Principal
Fr. Sagi Stephen sdb Rector
Locality Representative Member
Prof. E. Karim (Examination Cell) Member
Prof. A. L. Warjri (SDS cell) Member
Dr. M. Das Gupta Member
Prof. F. Lamare (Library Cell) Member
Prof. P. Syiem Member
Prof. A. Chakraborty (Women Cell) Member
Dr. J. Sharma (Women Cell) Member
Dr. S. Kharbuli Member
Prof. O. Shanpru Member
Prof. S. K. Mondal Member
Prof. A. I Sahayaraj Member
Mr. P. Majaw (Non-Teaching) Member
Prof. D. F. Marbaniang (Assistant Coordinator IQAC) Member
Dr. H. G. Lyngdoh (Coordinator IQAC) Member