CCNA( Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an internationally Certified the best brand of its class on networking. The course equips one with setting up, Managing and Administering any Networks. It comprises of modules to manage and troubleshoot LANs , SWANs and Internet Set ups. The global recognition of this course makes it one of the most sort after one in the field.


CCNA contains the following modules:

  • CCNA 1: Networking Basics
  • CCNA 2: Routers and Routing Basics
  • CCNA3: Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
  • CCNA4: WAN Technologies
Duration of Course: 6 Months
Fees: Rs. 15,000.00 payable in two instalments (for students not of the college).
Rs. 7,500.00 (For Students of the college)
Note: Those who complete the course 50% of the fee is refunded by the Govt. Meghalaya
Class Timings: Classes are held Monday to Friday at 7am to 8:15 in the morning. For students of the college the course timings are during the working hours of the college.

Career Opportunity:

There are a number of job opportunities for those qualified for as the CCNA engineer. This include:

  • Network administrators in IT industry
  • System administrators and Programmers
  • LAN and Network Supervisors
  • Data Centre Manages and System Administrators
  • Network Technicians and Instructors.


The certificates are issued and certified by CISCO. Certificates are issued for candidates completing each module successfully and also the final course certification by CISCO for those who complete the course.

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