The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest of the science departments. The Department has an excellent infrastructure and a well-qualified and experienced faculty. The zoological museum of the department is one of the best among the colleges under the affiliating university. It is interesting to note that the present full-fledged department of Pisciculture started as an offshoot of this department. The department is enthusiastically and wholeheartedly committed to all round development of the students.

Fedrick A Lamare

Bashida Massar
Associate Professor

Email: mbashida74@gmail.com

(National: 0,
International: 7)

Research Interest:
Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Issues and Electron Microscopi

Dr. Upal Sengupta
Associate Professor

Email: upal1us@gmail.com

(National: 5,
International: 0)

Research Interest:
Biochemical and molecular Genetics

Damanbha Lyngdoh
Assistant Professor

Karen R R Mihsill
Assistant Professor

Alban D Marbaniang
Assistant Professor

Lavinia M Dkhar
Assistant Professor

Evashisha Wanniang
Assistant Professor

Garry M Nikhla

Ferring Pyngrope
Lab Assistant

Nicky Wahlang
Lab Assistant

Ultra structural studies to assess the effect of pollution on Fish
Co-ordinator: Mrs. B Massar



DBT Star college Scheme
DBT Star college Scheme


3 yrs/ 2009-12