M.Sc. Biotechnology

Duration of Course: 2 years
Course Type: Regular

Course Details

India is among the top global biotechnological powers and the number of people employed for research and development in this booming industry grows nearly 50% annually. Blessed with rich natural bio- diversity, Meghalaya and the entire North Eastern Region holds great potential and promise in the field of Biotechnology. Keenly aware of these opportunities, St. Anthony's College intends to initiate the Master of Science Programme in Biotechnology. The principal objective of this post graduate programme is to develop trained manpower which can exploit the abundant bio-resources of the North Eastern Region, particularly Meghalaya. The rich bio-diversity of the North East provides many opportunities to the youth to build careers in areas that utilise life forms for the production of consumer items. Apart from teaching the commercialisation of bio- techniques, the course will also aim to equip students to explore the molecular basis of biological diversity using the current techniques in the genomic and the proteomics, so that they develop a deeper understanding of eco-systems and contibute to sustainable development of the North East.

Department: Biotechnology