Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)

Duration of Course: 3 years
Course Type: Regular

Course Details

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Music is yet another innovative project of St. Anthony's College. It aims to cultivate and nurture the innate love for music that is woven into the fabric of life and culture of the people of the North Eastern Region of India.

The programme attempts to cover a wide area of music: Indian Classical Music with flavours of both North Indian Hindustani music and South Indian Carnatic music Music of Noth East, giving the students a flavour of misic of the North Eastern Region with a special emphasis on the music and musical instruments of the state of Meghalaya Western Music, to familiarize the student with the rich musical traditions of Europe and North America The section on the Music of the North East has also an objective of discovering, documenting and preserving the rich and very often less well known musical traditions of many tribal groups of the North Eastern region of India.

In each of these sections, there are segments having the theory of music, history of music and practicals. One of the highlights of the programme is a section on Conputer Technology for music. This section has the objective of introducing the student to the nuances of using computer technology for composing and and sequencing music. This programme will prepare a student for teaching music in schools and give him/her the grounding required to undertake higher studies in music. The programme will refine the musical tastes of the student with a blend of Indian, Western and North Eastern music and equip him/her to take up composition and arrangement of original and creative music.

Department: Music