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Media Club

A Brief Profile

Media Club is an extension unit of department of Mass Media, St. Anthony's College. It was set up in the year 2008, with an objective of deciphering the basic tenets of media education and understanding among the other students in the college and creating awareness on media literacy. Media Club is a non-academic arena and aims to demystify the media practices and equip students and the general public the ability to identify different types of media and the messages they are sending. The core emphasis of media club has been to foster a media culture and aptitude for media sector among school and college students. The club promotes reading, critical thinking, analysis etc and train students in photography and help to produce newsletters/magazines, TV and radio programmes.

Media Club Structure

The media club consists of two teacher co-ordinators from the department and besides the different class representative and department representative and assistant department representative (6 class representative + 1 department representative and 1 asst. department representative) automatically qualify to become the core unit of the club. The unit also inducts several other members among the media students based on requirement of the programme.

The club membership is open to only media students enrolled in the college and the club collects a nominal one-time fee of Rupees 50 each from the new members to join the club. The club has a dedicated bank account operating under the supervision of the two teacher co-ordinators and the accounts are audited each year. The collected amount is utilised for various club expenses each year.

Media Club has organised several reach-out programmes and competitive events in the past.

Core Activities

Media Club activities include a monthly subscription to newspaper which is kept in the department lobby for students to read. Besides the club also has a discussion board for students to actively engage on important international and national events and analyse and discuss the way those events were covered in media.