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Language Laboratory

The College has a Language Lab with audio-visual equipment, assisting students in language and communication skills. Its main objective is to equip students with the confidence required in using the English language efficiently in public domain.

Apart from the conventional teaching and learning environment, the Language Lab provides computer-based classroom assignments and interaction to enhance proficiency in language and communication skills. The students are encouraged to participate actively in the language learning process, using the tools provided by Language Lab to enhance their language competence through different course materials.

The Language Lab has 35 consoles for students and 1 master console for the instructor. The facilities of the Language Lab are currently used by 5 th and 6 th semester students as part of their Communication Skills course. It is also being used by the 1 st semester students of the Evening College (SACSAA) to train them in speaking skills with special focus on pronunciation and communication proficiency.

The Language Lab is installed with Orell Digital Language Lab software. This technology provides different modules designed to help students in their language learning process.

Faculty Image
Bablu L Rajak
Incharge (Software) VIEW PROFILE
Staff Image
Prof. Megdalyne Pyngrope
Incharge (Lab) VIEW PROFILE