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St. Anthony’s College Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Incubation (SACCEII)

St. Anthony’s College Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Incubation (SACCEII) is a faculty- student's unit primarily dedicated to complement the entrepreneurial spirit in the young minds as well as provide a platform to tap the opportunities and nurture and develop an aspiring idea into a business venture. Its primary objective is to nurture the thinking processes to innovate, find solutions and motivate towards entrepreneurial ventures.


The core objective is to foster and facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship among the faculty and students through mentoring, training and financing. The thrust is on innovation and incubation so as to transform a seemingly simple and novel idea into a marketable product, and thus help an innovator of today to become an entrepreneur of tomorrow. Besides this core idea, SACCEII also has the following objectives:
  1. To act as a core agency to implement the various entrepreneurship promotion activities at the institution.
  2. To create awareness on entrepreneurship- the varied challenges and its role towards economic growth and development
  3. To encourage students through various awareness and capacity building programmes to take entrepreneurship as a preferred career choice.
  4. To nurture innovation and inculcate problem-solving mindset through different thinking methodologies and collaborative and participatory engagement.
  5. To connect the enthusiastic students’ ideas/ innovations to different funding agencies and other important stakeholders.
  6. To coordinate with different agencies (Government and Private) to implement various Entrepreneurship Promotion and Development Programmes.


1. Dr. Br. Albert L. Dkhar sdb Chairman
2. Dr. Fr. Joby Joseph sdb Advisor
3. Fr. Gervasius Nongkseh sdb Advisor
4. Fr. Ritonbor Kharkongor sdb Advisor
5. Dr. Rajani K Chhetri Coordinator
6. Aibankit L Warjri Member
7. Dr. Shantu Saikia Member
8. Kesterlee L Syiemiong Member
9. Bablu L Rajak Member
10. Francis Iawphniaw Member
11. Eric Syiemlieh Member

ANTHOPRENEURS a group of ever energetic and aspiring students brought together as a part of SACCEII team to ignite the entrepreneurial synergy in St. Anthony’s College. Its primary goal is to encourage and work towards building and exchanging the business diligent among the fellow Anthonians. As our name suggests we are Anthonians and Entrepreneurship is our goal.

SACCEII Student Team

Sl No. Name Department
1. Mayson Lawrence Khongwir 3rd Sem BBA
2. Mebarene Dkhar 3rd Sem Botany
3. Bani Bienvenu Massar 5th Sem Commerce
4. Mona Gupta 3rd Sem Commerce
5. Charchita Shakalya Goswami 1st Sem Commerce
6. Shwanika Barman 3rd Sem Commerce
7. Charity Rymbai 1st Sem Computer Sc
8. Saroj Rana 5th Sem Economics
9. Astha Borah 5th Sem Fishery Science
10. Vilazonuo Theunuo 5th Sem Mass Media
11. Elson K Samte 5th Sem Mathematics
12. Riia Akor Syiem 5th Sem Zoology
13. Bishmita Borah 5th Sem Commerce
14. Pyntanampa Kimin Khonglah 5th Sem Physics
15. Lovish Rana 5th Sem Computer Science
16. Ayushman Thakuri 5th Sem Commerce
17. Swati Sharma 4th Sem MCVP
18. Immanuel Sherpa 4th Sem MCVP