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Anti-Drug Abuse Committee

A safe and healthy environment is mandatory for the proper grooming of students. To ensure such a milieu for the students, an Anti-Drug Abuse Committee functions in the college. This committee monitors the activities, relationships and the entrance of people into the campus with the expressed purpose of detecting the introduction, supply, use and forming of a supply-demand network that could encourage substance abuse.

Sl. No. Name Designation Email
Dr. Br. Albert Longley Dkhar Principal
Dr. Fr. Joby Joseph Rector
Arlene M B Kharnongrum Counsellor
Gregorius Kharumnuid Faculty
Albert Nongrum Faculty
Dr. Fr. George Palamattam Campus Minister -NA-
Lydia Bang Faculty
Sr. Shaida Mary Nongsiej Faculty
Linu John Faculty
Dr. Fr. James Joseph Clinical Psychology -NA-
Dr. Rakhal K. Purkayastha Faculty
Aibankit L Warjri Faculty