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Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

Sexual harassment is a malice and a blight in the character and nature of humanity that needs to be dealt with with promptness and severity at all levels and in full measure to ensure that it is completely eradicated from the history of a civilized world.

St. Anthony's College understands the need to take a concerted effort and appropriate steps to put in place a mechanism to prohibit, prevent and to address any form and degree of sexual harassment in the workplace in accordance with its ethos and the laws of the state and the country.

For any queries and information, the Presiding Officer can be contacted at the following mobile number: 9436303631.

Sl. No. Name Designation Email
Lydia Bang Presiding Officer
Prof. Sherwin Sungoh External Member -NA-
Sr. Judith Shadap External Member -NA-
Dr. Kishor Singh Rajput Internal Member
Lemuel Rapsuk Secretary