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Grievance Redressal Committee

The College has a Grievance Redressal Committee. This committee addresses all grievances relating to problems and difficulties faced by faculty, staff and students in the campus. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to express their grievances via the complaint boxes installed in strategic places in the college.

Sl. No. Name Designation Email
Dr. Rakhal K. Purkayastha Co-ordinator
Dr. Br. Albert Longley Dkhar Chairman
Fr. Gervasius Nongkseh Vice-Chairman
Dr. Fr. Joby Joseph Member
Dr. John J. Dickie Member
Violet R. Synrem Member -NA-
Dr. Probidita Roychoudhury Member
Thyanswer Challam Member
Mary Kharkongor Member -NA-
Stadsing K Rymmai Member -NA-
Student Representative Student Co-ordinator (Male) -NA-
Lalremkimi Hauhulh Student Co-ordinator (Female) -NA-