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Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee of St. Anthony's College was constituted on the 23rd June, 2014. Its role is to review and approve all types of research proposals involving animal models and/or human samples/ participants with a view to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all actual and potential research participants. The committee will also examine compliance with all requirements, applicable guidelines and laws.

Sl. No. Name Designation
Dr. Saibadaiahun Nongrum Co-ordinator
Mr. Jeremy N Syiem Assistant Co-ordinator
Dr. Shomi Ramam Chairman & Practioner
Adovacate Khalid Khan Legal Expert
Dr. (Mrs.) Wanshwa Papang Veterinarian
Fr. Saji Stephen Ethicist / Theologian
Dr. Rolling Stone Wankhar Social Activist
Smti. Ebadalin Tongwah Community Representative
Dr. Br. Albert Longley Dkhar Member
Dr. Fr. Joby Joseph Member
Bashida Massar Member
Dr. Clara Ermine Sawian Member
Ivee Boiss Member
Linu John Member