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  • Mizo Department (Estd. - 03/06/1962)

Mizo language is the lingua franca of the Mizo people in the State of Mizoram. It is also known as 'duhlian' language. The language is mainly based on the Lusei dialect but has also derived many words from the surrounding tribes and areas. Efforts are taken to include it in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India by different groups. This Department was started in the year 1962.At present it offers both Elective and MIL courses in the Department. The department aims to cultivate and nurture love of the language and its preservation into the minds of the students since it has been enlisted as one of the endangered language around the world. The culture, traditions and values are contained in the language and literature of the people so it is the aim of the Department to impart such knowledge to the future.

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Dr. Grace Zirsanglani (Head)
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