A Don Bosco Institution 
Programme Name B.Sc. Computer Science (Estd. 13/06/1991)
Programme Level Under-Graduate
Programme Type Regular
Programme Shift Day (8:30 am - 4 pm)
Programme Duration Minimum 3 years, Maximum 5 years
Examination Type Semester System
Department Computer Science
Further Studies
Career Option
The College offers Computer Science as an Honours Subject for B.Sc. students with Physics and Mathematics as subsidiary (elective) subjects.
It is a professional course that prepares our graduates for immediate employment. It also provides them with a strong foundation in programming languages and commercial packages to enable them to pursue an academic career in Computer Science. It will also enable them to secure preferential admission in Post-Graduate Courses (Master in Computer Applications or Master in Computer Science) in recognized Universities across the country. Seminars, mandatory for each student, particularly for the project work, train them to clarify their ideas and improve their communication skills.
Excellent laboratories with over 250 computers networked over Novell, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments, and a team of competent and dedicated staff make the Department of Computer Science one among the very best in the country.
Paper 1 st Semester
BA 101 English
BA 102 Education
BA 103 Philosophy
Paper 2 nd Semester
BA 201 English
BA 202 Education
BA 203 Philosophy
Paper 3 rd Semester
BA 301 English
BA 302 Education
BA 303 Philosophy
Paper 4 th Semester
BA 401 English
BA 402 Education
BA 403 Philosophy
Paper 5 th Semester
BA 501 English
BA 502 Education
BA 503 Philosophy
Paper 6 th Semester
BA 601 English
BA 602 Education
BA 603 Philosophy
Admission Fee 200.00
Tuition Fee 120.00 per month
College Fee 8000.00 per year
University Fee 200.00 one time
Laboratory Fees
Laboratory Expendables & Euipments 1200.00 per year
Session Fees
Tests and Examinations 800.00 per year
Library 700.00 per year
Library Deposit 500.00 one time (refundable)
Internet 500.00 per year
Software Licencing 800.00 per year
Co-curricular Activities 650.00 per year
Identity card 200.00
Development Fund 900.00 per year
Building 1560.00 per year
Maintenance 600.00 per year
Collehe Journal 300.00 per year
College ERP Usage 650.00
First Aid 200.00 per year
Persinality Development 250.00 per year
Soft Skills 200.00 (for the first year)
DCRGF 100.00 per year
CPDF 2740.00 per year
CPDF 5740.00
Enrollment Fee 200.00 one time