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Anthonian Youth Club (AYC)

Anthonian Youth Club is a non-profit group comprising students of St.Anthony's College. The club stands by the motto "united we strive to serve society". Therefore, it wants the youth to unite and take a step towards helping the poor and the needy in today's society. The main initiative of this club is to help create awareness of education and health among the people in the rural areas. It believes in molding a society where even the underprivileged ones are treated alike with the privileged ones. For this, the club promises to help children in the urban, semi-urban and outskirt areas who are in the grip of financial instability by providing them with the minimum facilities of health and education.
The main emphasis of the club is to:
"United We Strive to Serve the Society"
The club has a vision to bring about change in the society, which will not only benefit the society but also give the future generation a roadmap in their aspiration for building their own life and thus lead towards nation building. The vision is to aim at a worthy society where we stand for one another. As youth we must be able to take our responsibility towards our society and ourselves.
The main mission of the club is to raise the condition of those under-privileged children who are not getting anything. As privileged to have the light of knowledge through formal education, we want this light should remove the darkness from the life of those children, who have no such means. We reach out as students to help those in such need.
The Club mainly focuses on the educational development of the under-privileged and poor section of the society. The group on which club emphasis to work on are: